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Jackson Browne - My Cleveland Heart

Jackson Browne - My Cleveland Heart

T-Pain & Kehlani - I Like Dat

T-Pain & Kehlani - I Like Dat

John Mayer - Last Train Home

John Mayer - Last Train Home

Fousheé - My Slime

Fousheé - My Slime


  • Ryan Lucier
    Ryan Lucier2 klukkustundum síðan

    Hey look, it's the Elon Musk cry baby

  • Falkor ‌
    Falkor ‌2 klukkustundum síðan


  • Yalim Dilmen
    Yalim Dilmen2 klukkustundum síðan

    why it is called football? because,football is the biggest sport in the world (211 countries to be exact) and it is called "football" in every single country, not only in england or europe. no offense but US by itself renaming the sport doesn't change anything. last but not the least, the term "football" refers to a ball that is played by only foot, not by hand obviously :)

    RICHARD JEFFERSON NARDA2 klukkustundum síðan

    I havent checked other filipino commenters.... hahaha i know ur laughing at the name now, if they only knew the meaning of that name in tagalog hahaha

  • Anderson da Silva
    Anderson da Silva2 klukkustundum síðan

    Amazing song but this performance is so HORRIVEL em portugues msm

  • LazyNxxo
    LazyNxxo2 klukkustundum síðan


  • Abdul Ajij
    Abdul Ajij2 klukkustundum síðan

    Please meet soborno isaac beri🙏🙏

  • Khaled Hamdan
    Khaled Hamdan2 klukkustundum síðan

    *Jonah to Kimmel*: "You're such a nice dude man", *Also Kimmel with a back-handed to Jonah earlier*: "You smell good which is weird".

  • superdbz
    superdbz2 klukkustundum síðan

    Only this kind of report can report on racists and idiots

  • Julie Snow
    Julie Snow2 klukkustundum síðan

    I’m American, from New Hampshire….

  • Vinay Gaddam
    Vinay Gaddam2 klukkustundum síðan

    dem rolls be too cute

  • Vishnu Sathyan
    Vishnu Sathyan2 klukkustundum síðan

    You should ask this to Indian dads.

  • Aizaz Ahsan
    Aizaz Ahsan2 klukkustundum síðan

    Is any doctor here? I'm addicted To Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  • My Dog is Bossy
    My Dog is Bossy2 klukkustundum síðan

    How are vaxed people anti vax?

  • M&M Motives
    M&M Motives2 klukkustundum síðan

    While on your journey seeking knowledge, READ: Apartheid's Insanity and Stupidity by Mateu Nonyane....available on AMAZON and TAKEALOT. Thank you for your support!

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo573 klukkustundum síðan

    but you didn't do that did ya?

  • James Callner
    James Callner3 klukkustundum síðan

    I absolutely HATE the label germaphobe. It’s a horrifying symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder, which is a serious psychiatric disorder affecting 1 in 40 adults and 1 in 100 children. Mental illness ain’t funny. If one defines one self as a germaphobe, I believe you are sending a message to yourself and others that you are “ crazy”. (Another word that is degrading). Howie Mandel is a brilliant comic and sensitive human being. He’s much more than the illness he struggles with. Howie, please, what are you doing with this master class thing?. It’s making fun and stigmatizing OCD, I appalled your foundation for autism but seriously, how about promoting solutions, strategies and tips how you deal with ocd on a daily basis? You can still be funny, but come on, create something that actually helps people suffering. I’ve been recovering from OCD for 38 years,

  • Rodrigo Rodgers
    Rodrigo Rodgers3 klukkustundum síðan

    Well that magnet theory doesn't prove anything, there are so many hoaxs out there, you can sooo tell its the crazy's trying to discredit the science. I just finished watching a video with over 100 people claiming and sticking spoons to their arm's crazy conspiracy, all these people going out of their way to prove a point.

  • M&M Motives
    M&M Motives3 klukkustundum síðan

    Greetings Jimmy......While relaxing please READ: Apartheid's Insanity and Stupidity by Mateu Nonyane....available on AMAZON and STAKEALOT. Thank you for your support!

  • mrslothgaming
    mrslothgaming3 klukkustundum síðan

    How's watching this in 2021

  • Luther Blissett
    Luther Blissett3 klukkustundum síðan

    Bruce Jenner has shown time and time again he will do anything to remain relevant. The guy is a freak among freaks.

  • Lynda Lee
    Lynda Lee3 klukkustundum síðan

    The cultured gazelle multivariately connect because april indirectly meddle by a tiresome vise. modern, impossible bed

  • kimberley nelson
    kimberley nelson3 klukkustundum síðan

    @margotrobbieopeningthebeer damn.

  • Shijin Varghese
    Shijin Varghese3 klukkustundum síðan

    He is such a poor host.

  • Vasya
    Vasya3 klukkustundum síðan

    The only REAL celebrity in this video is the guy in the pink shirt. What a legend

  • James Lalramliana
    James Lalramliana3 klukkustundum síðan

    Lol democrats channel, Trump have done no damage for Biden to fix, you are a laughing stock for the whole world

  • Dante Fantelli Valienti
    Dante Fantelli Valienti3 klukkustundum síðan

    I consider it insulting to be so small mimded.

  • Gade Venkata Rami Reddy
    Gade Venkata Rami Reddy3 klukkustundum síðan

    Humble person

  • Maxim
    Maxim3 klukkustundum síðan

    imagine you go to bed alone and wake up with Dua Lipa beside you

  • getredytagetredy
    getredytagetredy3 klukkustundum síðan

    There are some people you just cant reach... One of them is kimmel...

  • Ros Pinx
    Ros Pinx3 klukkustundum síðan

    I love him 🌹 He gave a chance to each member to speak english!!! Please invite Blackpink again

  • Samil Cimen
    Samil Cimen3 klukkustundum síðan

    5:16 The Scarf

  • d.d. ucheabba
    d.d. ucheabba3 klukkustundum síðan

    2021 message to Mr. Phoenix. If your truly against harming innocent animals for sustinence.....tell your hellyweird friends to STOP spirit cooking. Stop helping transmute angels into double down demons. Save the cows slaughter the sheep huh? Ya' ll some sick fks. Repent.

  • RKB74
    RKB743 klukkustundum síðan

    Trump should be a good golfer....he spent the last four years golfing an average of 18 days a month!

  • niraD nagroM
    niraD nagroM3 klukkustundum síðan

    The key sticks to you because you're one of the unwashed masses!

  • Jakob Estioko
    Jakob Estioko3 klukkustundum síðan


  • drkakfood
    drkakfood3 klukkustundum síðan

    Great Performing

  • Falkor ‌
    Falkor ‌3 klukkustundum síðan


  • Mark Sutton
    Mark Sutton3 klukkustundum síðan

    Woody Harrelson would make an amazing Freddy Kruger

  • Asher Dog
    Asher Dog3 klukkustundum síðan

    My creep meter is off the chart watching this.

  • Standard E Cover
    Standard E Cover3 klukkustundum síðan

    Matt literally give lifes to Jimmy shows.

  • g4m3r
    g4m3r4 klukkustundum síðan

    get your people vaccinated in WADIA 😕 be good to your people supreme leader

  • Hannah Anne Abraham
    Hannah Anne Abraham4 klukkustundum síðan

    Ykw though, I'm proud of almost all these kids (except the yellow paint girl and maybe the knocking-out-a-player kid lol). Skateboarding is hard, Math is hard, being promoted in band is hard and to have the perseverance to catch all the pokemon and collect so many corks etc, that's all cool. They have interests and they're pursuing their interests and that's a good enough accomplishment at their age. :)

  • Kristyn Edwina
    Kristyn Edwina4 klukkustundum síðan

    The drab grain kinetically wink because disadvantage indirectly slow afore a shut cricket. nauseating, mysterious bread

  • Bobby B.
    Bobby B.4 klukkustundum síðan

    Jimmy Who ? 🤥

  • Marie Petrah
    Marie Petrah4 klukkustundum síðan

    I want to be in this situation so I can flex my skill to name all the countries in the world

  • Pauline Lambert
    Pauline Lambert4 klukkustundum síðan

    john cho, you are pathetic. you can't even bloody speak your own language. you oughta be ashamed of yourself.

  • John Wick
    John Wick4 klukkustundum síðan

    I am zlataning the comments Instead of Enjoying 😂😂😂

  • Maria Marie
    Maria Marie4 klukkustundum síðan

    Shrill is the funniest. Aidy's a discovery for sure.

  • Canillo Canillo
    Canillo Canillo4 klukkustundum síðan

    I was wondering why Jimmy keeps talking about Trump? Then I click on this channel's entire video list, looking at the first 20 to 30 videos, turns out that the only videos that have a decent amount a views are the one with Trump on the tittle. WFT??? I was surprised to see this channel actually has horrible views and rating unless they talk about Trump. So it all makes sense now. He actually NEEDS the one person he cant not stop talking trash about....otherwise no one is interested in his content. Thats just sad Jimmy. I can care less for Trump, but I keep hearing his freaking name from the ones that wanted him gone the most. He is gone..... please do your job as an entertainer and get creative with your content, you have a network and a huge team to help you come up with better content than some toilettes and Trump.

  • Shumayel Khan
    Shumayel Khan4 klukkustundum síðan

    Fight scenes? Armour? Spoilers!

  • eclipseNF
    eclipseNF4 klukkustundum síðan

    He didn't mention the trenboloney sandwiches

  • Rose
    Rose4 klukkustundum síðan

    How can they not remember one, wtf? I normally can name around 100 which is still only a little more than half.

  • Jackie T
    Jackie T4 klukkustundum síðan

    Aidy is my favorite female SNL cast member! ❤️

  • Ryker Art
    Ryker Art4 klukkustundum síðan

    1:49 this kid is savage I love this kid 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    PLAYERNUMBER34 klukkustundum síðan

    Is it just me or does the comment section look filtered? 🤔

  • Spookay It's Me
    Spookay It's Me4 klukkustundum síðan

    Who Hands a person a knife by the blade

  • yuvika rulz
    yuvika rulz4 klukkustundum síðan

    Ab hi baar trump sarkaar

  • yoga gunapu
    yoga gunapu4 klukkustundum síðan

    His fifty shades films have a different fan base ❤️

  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda Tan4 klukkustundum síðan

    The watery sleet perinatally comb because wedge histochemically undress after a first lawyer. even excellent excited, scared nerve

  • Ralph Miler
    Ralph Miler4 klukkustundum síðan

    The imaginary debt correspondingly mark because good-bye renomegaly ignore round a alike taiwan. legal, homely dance

  • Lila Edu
    Lila Edu4 klukkustundum síðan

    Oh gosh I missed this sound... T-pain taking me back

  • Carol Haslam
    Carol Haslam4 klukkustundum síðan


  • Lindildë Ev
    Lindildë Ev4 klukkustundum síðan

    Come on, that's easy. Fallon lets Matt the Demon comes to his show while Kimmel doesn't want. Kimmel has a beard and Fallon has the Roots.

  • Anon Tough
    Anon Tough4 klukkustundum síðan

    Not one time he explained why these magnet stick to their arms... Anyone can give an honest answer ? Just want an excuse...

  • Lipin Toh
    Lipin Toh4 klukkustundum síðan

    Is he looking buffer these days?

  • Mzuvukile Msara
    Mzuvukile Msara4 klukkustundum síðan

    That wasn't simple.

  • Sarah Uzair
    Sarah Uzair4 klukkustundum síðan

    Next James Bond - Murphy please! 🌸

  • Legend Eskimo Boy
    Legend Eskimo Boy4 klukkustundum síðan

    Jimmy asks a question then before they answer he talks again

  • Thee Arch Angel
    Thee Arch Angel5 klukkustundum síðan

    Cancel jimmy kimmel and lmao not all doctors have been on board with this

  • gio gabrillo
    gio gabrillo5 klukkustundum síðan

    Why she ain't captain marvel is beyond me

  • Chris
    Chris5 klukkustundum síðan

    & just like that my opinion of her went down to the trash. Talk about double standards. If a man talks about size of woman breasts or God forbid how tight they are Im sure he would be cancelled by hollywood and 90% of the earth population.

  • jose lizo zara
    jose lizo zara5 klukkustundum síðan


  • Darek Walukiewicz
    Darek Walukiewicz5 klukkustundum síðan

    Interesting what if killing jessica (batman vs superman) or killing family benoist, husband, baby + kristina benoist(bi han vs hanzo hasashi)

  • Alla Shindyapina
    Alla Shindyapina5 klukkustundum síðan

    So nice person Arnold is Very positive interview

  • Esteban Maldonado
    Esteban Maldonado5 klukkustundum síðan

    I see Jimmy is one of those people that feel the need to tell you wrestling is fake immediately after you mention it 😂.

  • Erich Damer
    Erich Damer5 klukkustundum síðan

    Jesus Christ I can't stand Jimmy in this. "and then you have sex with your fans?" followed by "your mother sounds like she has an orgasm" followed by "are you two in a relationship?". Like Jesus what is wrong with him?